My vision

I truly believe that nature is our precious home that we have only borrowed from our children and that we all have a responsibility to protect it so that also the upcoming generations can enjoy its endless beauty. By creating a slow fashion brand using natural, sustainable materials only, I aim to set a mark in today's busy world full of plastic and one-way cups. That is why my entire packaging including my branded gift boxes are made out of 100% recycled paper designed and created in Denmark. 

I and my brand Littleseasidecottage are proud ambassadors of a local non-profit organization, the Oceano Azul Foundation in Portugal, which supports environmental education & the protection of our oceans by increasing public awareness through campaigning against ocean littering and increasing the amount of marine protected areas. If this is a cause you would also like to support, please check out the website and help us spread the word! Your kids and the ocean will thank you for it!